Blade Fuse Assortment, Auto Car Truck Standard Blade Fuse Kit 2 3 5 7.5 10 15 20 25 30 35AMP Cars Boats Trucks SUV Automotive Fuses w Fuse Puller and AUTO Tester and Storage Case (S)

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Color: S

Automotive Replacement Fuses;
Car fuse designed for your car electrical device in emergency short circuit.
Protect your car and your electrical device from short circuit, overload etc.  
Portable fuse set, stored easily. Keep one box of fuse in car, just in case.  
Fuse puller comes along with the car fuses helps you to pick out easier  
Transparent for quick detection of blown fuses,Color Colored coded with documentation for confident and easy installation
Widely used in car, truck, SUV, boat, home, general DC applications etc. It’s highly recommended to check your owner’s manual before making a purchase to make sure you’re buying the right types of fuses.

Extra gift: AUTO Tester. The tester is only for car, testing 6-24V.
Type: S
Size:16.7mm x 4mmx11mm(0.6in x 0.16in x 0.43in) 
Package Include: 140 PCS Blade Fuse ( 
14pcs 2 AMP  
14pcs 3 AMP  
14pcs 5 AMP   
14pcs 7.5 AMP   
14pcs 10 AMP   
14pcs 15 AMP   
14pcs 20 AMP   
14pcs 25 AMP   
14pcs 30 AMP  
14pcs 35 AMP   
1 x Fuse Puller)  
1x AUTO Tester

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