Magnetic Knife Holder (15 Inch X Set Of 2) Magnetic Knife Strip -Strong Powerful Knife Rack Storage Display Organizer-Securely Hang Your Knives On a Multipurpose Kitchen Bar-Safe, Easy Install -SUMPRI

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Product Description

Magnetic Knife Holder

sumpri magnet holder kitchen knife

When it's time to make that delicious meal you’ve been planning to cook in your perfect kitchen, and everything is set up just the way you like it, you can’t let a dull knife take away from your joy and creativity. That’s why we created the SUMPRI Sharpening Steel & Magnetic Knife Holder Set! This perfect combination allows you to easily sharpen your knives, making it fast and easy to work in the kitchen again. You can place your sharp knives in a safe, easy-to-reach place, far from the reach of small children.

Your kitchen will look amazing and professional! Cooking and baking will become super-fast, and you won't understand how you ever got along without these utensils until now!

kitchen magnet

An amazing addition to your kitchen, will easily support even the heavier knives Long, sturdy with super easy installation.

magnetic holder sumpri

Powerful magnet

Instantly and securely holds even your largest knives safely within reach. Holds more knives than most other knife blocks on the market while still being small enough and versatile.

Sumpri magnetic knife strip

Easy Installation

This magnetic knife toolbar comes with mounting hardware so you can mount the magnetic knife strip and organize your kitchen right away!

knife bar magnetic

How do I use the magnetic knife holder?

Keep everything organized and looking great! The bar is 13” long, extremely strong, and can hold a large number of knives or any other kitchen utensil.

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