MaxCo Gothic Decor, Pentagram Shelf, Goth Decor - Wiccan Decor, Witch Decor, Pagan Room Decor. This Goth Decor Star Shelf is a Great Horror or Halloween Room Decor. 14 in x 3 in deep

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Are you looking for Gothic decor, witch decor, or simply a Pentagram Shelf? Perfect for your goth, bat, Halloween or witchy room decor. Add to your coffin shelf, skull, moon, or black decor to match this spooky decor!

Inspired by ancient cultures, our elegantly designed and expertly crafted Pentagram Shelf is a great way to add an exciting and different slant to any room in your house; gothic, zen, pagan, wiccan, celestial, boho, or spiritual.

Perfect for storing healing crystals, essential oils, small gothic/altar objects or just for just adding extra flare to any room in your house. It comes with two mounting hooks already installed, making it extremely easy to hang, although can also be stood on a table as a standalone object.

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