Microfiber Car Dash Duster with Extendable Handle for Interior & Exterior Cleaning Dirt Dust Clean Brush Dusting Tool Wash Mop – Lint Free – Scratch Free (Gray)

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Color: XL-Gray

Keeping Your Car Interior And Exterior Spotless Clean is Something That Can Be Achieved With A Good Car Duster.

Efficient Cleaning Performance:
The brush can help you to effectively improve the cleanin speed with excellent performance.
Chenille Hair:
Adopting Chenille hair,the wash cleaner features strong water absorption, can absorb the water drops left after cleaning car to make your car more clean, not easy to fall down and not hurt the car paint. Paint cleaning and maintenance can be finished together.
Telescoping Microfiber Duster:
Stainless steel telescopic rod features durability, high toughness, no space occupying, freely adjustable length and easy cleaning. It is suitable for all types of vehicles.
Special Loose Mesh Structure:
Easy to foam,The wash cleaner can generate a lot of foam in a short time, and it is easier to clean the car.
Scope of Application:
It can be widely used in the cleaning and glazing of automobiles and motorcycles, as well as the cleaning and maintenance of furniture and floors in major hotels and homes.

Material:Nano Microfiber + Stainless Steel + Foam + ABS
Dust Brush Head Height: 15.75"
Length:27.5” to 33" (Adjustable)

Package Included:
1x Microfiber Car Duster Brush

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