OBD2 Scanner, Enhanced Car OBD II Scanner Code Reader Handheld Universal Automotive Fault Diagnostic Tool for OBDII Protocol Cars Since 1996

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Have you ever experienced a car break down on the way?
Are you bothered by the frequent lights on your car?
Are you worried that it is too expensive to go to a 4s shop to have your car repaired?
If you Choose our OBD II Scanner, it can help you solv these troubles, you can automatically diagnose your car failure through our products. Compared to Bluetooth OBDII scanner, it's more stable and more convenient, you don't need to worry about signal loss.

Display: Badit, 128 * 64 pixel display
Working voltage: DC 12V
Working current: 70mA
Working temperature: 0 ~ 65 ° C
Storage temperature: -20~ 70°C
Port Type: 16 pin OBD Male
Size: Length: 156mm, width: 88mm, height: 24mm

Supported vehicle data:
--Read code
--Delete the code
--Read Freeze Frame data
--Retrieve I / M ready state
--Read the vehicle information
--Diagnostic menu
--Vehicle ID Number
--Battery detection function(BAT)
--Diagnostic code query(DTC)
--The number of diagnostic functions supported by different vehicle makes and models may vary.

--Powerful diagnosis utility.
--With "DTC" button, you can check the fault code with a single click.
--With "BAT" button, One-click battery check function allows you to detect car battery voltage.
--Handheld OBD2 scanner for cars is charged directly by the OBDII car scanner interface in your vehicle, no extra battery required.
--large screen with white backlight and contrast adjustment allows for easy viewing of diagnostic test results and DTC.
--Support multiple languages.
--Applied to all the vehicles that accorded with OBD II standard since 1996.

--This product is incompatible with Hybrid Electric Vehicle(HEV), Electric Vehicles(EV) and vehicles not under the OBD2 protocol.
--Does not work on vehicles with 24V batteries, and not support some diesel vehicles.

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