Shinematix 2-Piece Windshield Sun Shade - Foldable Car Front Window Sunshades For Most Sedans SUV Truck - Best 210T Reflective Material Blocks 99% UV Rays and Keeps Your Vehicle Cool (Standard/Medium)

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Product Description

Why It Makes Sense to Use a Shinematix Car Sun Shade in the Summer.

  • There’s nothing worse than opening your car door on a hot summer day and getting a sudden blast of heat in the face from the inside of your vehicle.
  • How about getting into a hot car, sitting on a hot seat and trying to drive holding onto a hot steering wheel?
  • And do you feel like your kids suffer from unnecessary summer heat while in the back seat of your car?

If you’re looking for top sun shades to protect your vehicle from damaging UV sun rays and excessive heat… Your search is over!

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SHINEMATIX - Keep Your Cool

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How Do I Know My Shades Will Fit My Vehicle?

Small (sports) - Each unit (2) measures 23.5 x 29 inches. Fits most compact or sports cars with smaller windshields.

Standard (medium) - Each unit (2) measures 28 x 31 inches. Fits most standard cars, sedans, mid-size SUVs, trucks with standard-sized windshields.

Large (large) - Each unit (2) measures 32.5 x 36 inches. Fits most large or full-size cars, SUVs, trucks or vans with standard windshields.


**It’s important that you check your dimensions before making a purchase as some “Small/Medium” range cars may have larger or smaller windshields and require a different size of shades.

**Do not use “Standard Size” shades on vehicles with larger or smaller windshields as the coverage may not be the best possible.

**Please look at image section in the “FIND YOUR VEHICLE” size chart above to find the sun shade that best fits your car.

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