Tecoom Hard Shell Breathable Material Door Shape Zipper Design Waterproof UV-Proof Windproof Car Cover for All Weather Indoor Outdoor Fit 196-210 Inches SUV/Van

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Product Description

About Tecoom

At Tecoom, We’ve been manufacturing car covers since 1994 to bring you protection for your car that’s both practical and functional. Everyone knows that exposure to the sun and elements can damage your car in no time which is why we combine carefully chosen materials with a weatherproof design to bring you a waterproof, weatherproof and scratch-resistant car cover.

Tecoom car covers are designed to offer reliable year-round protection for your car. Whether it be the hot rays of the sun, snow in the middle of winter or rain, our car covers will make sure your car stays safe the simple and convenient way.

We offer car covers in a wide variety of materials to meet the needs of different consumers and different conditions so your car always stays protected and safe. Optimal size division enables each cover to fit its vehicle perfectly allowing us to offer a wide variety of sedan covers, SUV covers, truck covers, Van covers, sport car covers, etc.

Tecoom covers offer just the right balance of quality, utility, affordability, and style making them the right choice for you.


Fits All 180-195 inches SUV Like (for reference):

Acura: RDX / Audi: Q5, SQ5 / BMW: X3, X4 / Buick: Encore, Rendezvous / Cadillac: XT4, XT5 / Fit Chevrolet: Equinox, HHR / Dodge: Nitro / Ford: Escape / Honda: CR-V / Infiniti: FX35, FX37, FX45, FX50 / Jeep: Wrangler, Cherokee, Compass / Fit Toyota: RAV4, Venza / Fit Nissan: Rogue, X-Trail, Xterra / Mercedes-Benz: GLC Class, GLE Class, GLK Class / Porsche: Macan / Subaru: Outback, Forester / Volkswagen: Tiguan





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Light Shell SUV Cover Soft Shell Breathable Heavy Duty SUV Cover Hard Shell SUV Cover Thick Shell Breathable MPD SUV Cover
Water & Rain Protection Good Outstanding Outstanding Very Good Outstanding Very Good
Sun & UV Protection Outstanding Very Good Outstanding Outstanding Very Good Outstanding
Snow Protection Good Outstanding Outstanding Very Good Outstanding Very Good
Durability Very Good Outstanding Outstanding Very Good Outstanding Good
Thickness 1 Layer 3 Layers 3 Layers 1 Thick Layer 3 Layers 2 Layers
Breathable Material
Fleece Layer
Door Zipper

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