Tooarts Square and Ribbon Modern Metal Sculpture Iron Abstract Statue Ornament Home Decor

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Product Description

Square and Ribbon Modern Metal Sculpture


This is an abstract iron sculpture. Tooarts original design. The artist curls and interweaves a simple bar of iron, and then creates a concise ribbon artwork with fluent and beautiful line. The silvery square frame is matched with a colorful ribbon skillfully, which forms a strong visual contrast.

The sculpture adopts welding and electroplating technology. The surface has a strong metallic texture feeling. And it won't deformed nor fade. Under the light, it has charming lustre and fashionable flair. It is suitable for living room, bedroom and other interior spaces, which embellishes your home.


Material: Iron

Color: Multi color

Product size: 31 * 16 * 51 cm / 12.2 * 6.3 * 20 in

Package size: 33 * 17 * 52 cm / 13 * 6.7 * 20.4 in

Product weight: 1610 g / 56.8 oz

Package weight: 1810 g / 63.8 oz

Package list:

1 * Metal Sculpture

Square and Ribbon Modern Metal Sculpture

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