ARTIKA CADG2-C1 O2 Adjustable Bathroom Caddy/Over-The-Shower Head/Door with Storage Shelves, Stainless-Steel

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Material Type: Metal

The modern and durable rustproof design of the O2 Shower Caddy by Artika brings organization to any bathroom. Complete with stainless steel adjustable shelves, baskets and mirror. This caddy provides customizable storage solutions for every family member's needs. Easily installs on showerhead or door. The rust-resistant caddy’s strong suction cups lining the bottom of the caddy firmly stick to the wall assures that your items stay in place. This super easy to clean over-the head caddy has a lot of baskets and racks which allow water drainage while storing your shampoos, soap, multiple razors and other bath items. Solid materials and secure installation give our caddies the feel of built-in fixtures. Artika is a company recognized for its design, manufacture and distribution of home furnishings in over 20 countries. The company is divided into three main categories: lighting, plumbing fixtures and climate control. With over 50 patents, we are particularly proud of the engineering and innovative design that have built our products' reputation. We are dedicated to branding Artika as a benchmark for home products with a contemporary design combining quality and simplicity.

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