nosh Universal Knife Guard Blade Protector - 10 Piece Set - 3 Sizes

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Join the tens of thousands of people worldwide who are already protecting their kitchen knives in a nosh knife guard. Designed to safely protect the blade edge - perfect if you prefer to keep your kitchen knives safely tucked away in the cutlery drawer. A sharp knife is a safer knife. Storing in a nosh knife guard will help to prevent accidental damage to the whetted edge of the blade especially when stored in contact with other items of cutlery. Look after your fingers. As well as protecting your kitchen knives, nosh knife guards will help to prevent accidents while rummaging through the cutlery drawer Perfect for professionals. Anyone in the food service industry will appreciate the additional safety & protection offered by our knife guards - designed to work fine inside a knife roll for storage & transport. Knife friendly: 100% polypropylene plastic with a smooth interior finish grips the blade firmly yet will not scratch the surface of your knife. Easy to use: Our patented design incorporates a specially designed flared opening to make blade insertion a breeze. The opening also forms a finger guard to protect your hands during operation. Universal: Works well with steel and ceramic knives of any width. Just select the appropriate length guard and place the knife heel first into the specially shaped opening.

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