Panacea Grayline Back-of-The-Door Organizer, White

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This 8 Tier Back-of-the-Door Organizer is ideal for use on a pantry door for storing kitchen essentials including bottles, jars, cans, boxes, etc. It makes use of what might otherwise be wasted space. The organizer is designed to be hung over a door, but can also be mounted to a door or wall using the included hardware. It measures 17.5" wide, allowing it to be mounted to studs in the wall if desired. It is 76" high and 6.5"deep. The units has 8 total shelves (6 shallow shelves and 2 deeper shelves) and also includes 2 surrounds to help stabilize taller items. All shelves and surrounds are completely adjustable to meet specific storage needs. Over-the-door and under-the-door hooks are included to create a stable rack that fits tight against the door.

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