Toe Ductor Base Board Vent Under Cabinet Toe Kick Ducting Kit

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The Toe Ductor Base Board Vent Under Cabinet Toe Kick Ducting Kit

This design will go over a baseboard vent hole and is a unique way to connect the toe kick to the forced hot air register boot.
Mentioned below are just some of the benefits of installing the "Toe Ductor" base board vent in your home

The way the "Toe Ductor" is designed, it establishes a sealed connection between the boot and the toe kick register

No air will be leaking into the cabinet making our "Toe Ductor " a good step towards mold prevention - giving you a healthier conditioned air experience

Our patented design allows you to connect the boot to the toe kick register from anywhere underneath the cabinet.

The installation is fast, easy, and way cheaper than any custom installation methods

Better dispersion of heating/cooling. The Toe Ductor channels the heat to the register so the heat gets where you are paying for it to go!


This product will cover up to a 2"x14" Base board vent hole.

The Toe kick dimensions are L 14" W 2.5" H 3 5/8".

Custom lengths available upon request.The Kit will be easily assembled and can be installed in minutes.
If the ducting vent in your home is not a base board vent, we also sell a "Toe Ductor Wall Vent Kit" as well as a "Toe Ductor Under Cabinet Toe Kick Ducting Kit" for floor Vents.

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