YAHENLI Shower Squeegees Stainless Steel with Self Adhesive Hook Window Squeegees for Shower Doors Bathroom Mirror Wiper, Window Glass Cleaning

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Your shower is vulnerable
Because no bath tub or shower drains fully. Water clinging to glass and glazed tiles can result in harmful bacteria, oils and dirt leave a thin coating over your entire tub. This Shower Squeegees is an effective, high quality bath accessory that keeps your shower clean without resorting to bleach or other chemicals, definitely a cleaning tool you need for healthy living.

Stylish shower and bathroom squeegee
A stylish and shiny shower scraper with rubber blade, enhances your bathroom's decor with its attractive appearance and matching adhesive hook.

Precisely angled, Replaceable blade
The flexible blade can be used on curved surfaces. Makes windows streak-free without any stains, assures a very clean and shiny glass.

Powerful Adihesive hookk
We provide a 3M self-adhesive hook, the hook can adhere to all flat, non-porous surfaces. Allowing for quick and easy installation with convenient storage.

Prevent unsightly and unsanitary water spot
Squeegees can prove very helpful for preventing hard water spots, soap scum, and other common types of bathroom dirt. They also prove very efficient for hindering the growth of mold.

Material: Stainless steel Zinc alloy
Blade length: 10 inch
Handle length: 6.7 inch
Weight: 9.6 ounce

Use Tips:
1. The Window Squeegee is well balanced so no need to put too much pressure when wiping, let its natural weight and balance do the work.
2. Please do not clean the silicone blade with brush. Just wash it with warm water with cleaner.

Package Includes:
1× Squeegee
1× Self adhesive Hook
1x User Manual

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